Keynote and Tutorial Speaker Travel and Living Expense Policy

Keynote and Tutorial Speakers will be reimbursed for travel and living expenses only within the guidelines below; other speakers are responsible for their own travel and living expenses. One speaker per accepted session will receive complimentary attendance at the entire conference. Additional speakers will be asked to pay a modest fee sufficient to offset the costs of their attendance. Prior to any expense agreement between the speaker and DATAVERSITY, a budgeted expense allowance will be established and agreed upon between the parties. This budgeted amount will be based on the following:

(1) The cost of air travel for Speaker will be reimbursed up to an amount that is no more than the advanced purchase economy round-trip airfare from Speaker's home city to the city where the conference is held. If special airfares have been negotiated by the Event, and the designated air carrier serves the Speaker’s city, then the maximum amount to be reimbursed will be the amount equal to the discounted airfare available through these specially negotiated conference arrangements.

If Speaker travels to the conference site from a city other than Speaker's home city, or if Speaker travels to other cities (for purposes other than making direct connecting flights) than the city where the conference is held, the maximum amount that the Event will reimburse for travel is the cost for an economy round-trip ticket from Speaker's home city to the city where the conference is held, under the terms outlined above.

(2) If the Speaker drives to the engagement, personal car mileage will be reimbursed at $0.50/mile.

(3) Fixed “miscellaneous-expense” allowance: A fixed reimbursement expense is payable to Speakers who travel away from their home city (metropolitan area of the city where the Speaker resides) to participate in the conference. This reimbursement covers meals, phone calls, entertainment, local transportation (other than to and from the airport), tips, and other miscellaneous charges. The fixed allowance is as follows:

$60.00 for speakers presenting one keynote or tutorial day
$100.00 for speakers presenting two keynote or tutorial days
$140.00 for speakers presenting three keynote or tutorial days

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keynote or Tutorial Speakers are not eligible for hotel accommodation or per diem reimbursement for an additional conference session and/or panel presentation days beyond the day of their keynote or tutorial.

(4) The cost of transportation to and from airports will be reimbursed at cost for taxis and shuttles, and at $0.50/mile for personal car mileage. The cost for an economy car rental will be reimbursed only if it is less than a taxi or shuttle from and to the airport. If Speaker chooses to rent a car that is more costly than the taxi fare, the Event will estimate reasonable taxi fare to and from the airport and make payment to Speaker in that amount.

(5) A maximum number of two (2) hotel nights, reimbursed at the normal group rate. The speaker must stay at the conference hotel to qualify for reimbursement.

Speaker is responsible for their own reservations and bill, which will be reimbursed after the conference. Personal incidental charges such as movies, laundry, meals, internet, telephone calls, etc. are the responsibility of the Speaker.

If Speaker wishes to stay at an alternate hotel, the Event WILL NOT reimburse Speaker.

Additional Speaker Expense Terms

(6) If Speaker wishes to arrive early or leave late in order to take advantage of reduced cost Saturday stay-over airfares then they must receive agreement from the Event prior to reimbursement of additional hotel nights.

(7) All expenses in excess of $25.00 submitted for reimbursement must be accompanied by receipts and the purpose for each expense. For reimbursement of airfare, a copy of the passenger receipt (back copy of the ticket) should be submitted.

(8) All other expenses, including, but not limited to, the shipping/receiving of documents and/or equipment to the Event for Speaker's presentation (including computers, projectors, slides, etc.) will be borne by Speaker.

(9) To receive reimbursement, Speaker must include their Tax ID number or Social Security number with receipts and request for reimbursement. Expenses reimbursed by the Event will be included with 1099 form as non-employee compensation.

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